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About Dr. Ashley

My journey into entrepreneurship has been a long, twisty one, starting when I was 15-years-old scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins and trying any other side hustle I could to make more money. Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve continuously worked multiple jobs, even while I was a grad student. (And no, that wasn’t popular with my professors.)

It was nothing for me to work two part-time jobs while in school and still hustle on the side selling things on eBay or Amazon to make a profit. It’s no wonder I have founded and run multiple businesses.

In 2013, I worked in the Psychology Department in a medium security federal prison. After an unfortunate injury in a training exercise, I was forced to make a change – job, lifestyle, location, everything.

The thought of working for someone else again made me cringe.

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I've gone through dozens of high-priced programs looking for "answers" on how to gain media exposure for my business, but after meeting with Dr. Ashley, she introduced me to a step-by-step, "cut through the fluff" approach that gives reporters just what they are looking for. Her recommendations were invaluable, and I've had great success since. So, if you're looking for great guidance and mentoring on how to break through in media, Dr. Ashley is that go-to person. She is wonderful to work with, and if you follow her recommendations, you will see great results!
Ashley played a pivotal role in landing my first media wins, including Forbes, within a month of working with her. HARO appeared overwhelming, and with Ashley's encouragement and help with the structure of the pitch, HARO was effortless and only took 10 minutes a day. I am forever thankful!
Ashley is a godsend when it comes to making your life easier and more successful. Media coverage takes so much time and effort, and when you're running a busy business and living your life, it's critical to have someone like Ashley on your side to always have your back and working toward getting you the best coverage!
Ashley's media methods have been invaluable to me in gaining visibility and credibility for my work. Since employing these methods, I have been featured in Huffington Post, Self, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and more! These media spotlights have helped me to be seen as an expert in my field and offered speaking opportunities, the ability to raise my fees, and have a wait list for my practice seeing my ideal clients.
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