Inspirational Speaker for Professional Women Entrepreneurs

My Speaking Mission

My goal is to share my messages with audiences of professional women entrepreneurs, specifically about how to grow their businesses without adding extra hours to their day or sacrificing a healthy work-life balance.

Success and failure has impacted my life and business, and I'd love to share my story and lessons with you.


Missouri Psychological Association

Annual Conference Breakout Session, 2014

Speaking Topic: What Psychologists Can Do To Impact Offender Re-Entry and Recidivism

Inside and Outside the Correctional Environment
Comments from this presentation included: 

"Very knowledgeable presenter. Straight forward discussion on topic that most psychologists know little about."

"Very helpful in refining an important aspect of treatment with this population. Also liked reminder about educating the public."

"Covered a lot of material quickly and efficiently."

"Excellent presenter."

Speaking Experience

As a counselor previously and now psychologist, I have presented at local, state, and national counseling and psychological conferences, including delivering a Keynote Address as an Emerging Leader at the Alabama Counseling Association conference in November 2004. Past speaking topics include masculinity and work relationships, corrections and offender re-entry to society, and recognizing eating disorders.

Published Media

I have written or been featured in several articles online and in print. I have also authored several online book reviews for the American Psychological Association and assisted in writing research publications published in refereed journals.

For more info on media publications and my press kit, click here.

Current Speaking Topics

I would like to speak with you about your speaking event, if you are interested in someone speaking on the following topics:

Business Mindset

Business mindset can be difficult for solopreneurs to master, as they are trying to be everything to everyone. Dr. Ashley has tips, tricks, and hacks to develop a more savvy business mindset while not losing your sanity in the process.

Money Mindset

Learning how to value and manage money when there is more money available to you than you've ever seen is a much more difficult task than it may seem. Dr. Ashley has been there and has learned ways to improve money mindset without hindering your business progress.

Success & Failure

We know the greatest failure-to-success stories, like Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and the Starbucks guy. Dr. Ashley has her own success-success-failure-FAILURE-success story that will make you laugh, make you wince, and help you feel as if you aren't alone and can conquer the world.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Women often shoulder the brunt of everything. Work. Home. Life. Do.It.All.And.Do.It.Well.

Sometimes you need someone in your corner to encourage and inspire you that there is a way to do the important things without stress and overwhelm.

Dr Ashley Hampton, Business Coach

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