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Dr Ashley Hampton, Business Coach                                        Dr. Ashley Hampton, business coach

Dr. Ashley Hampton, Business Coach



Super Short/Tagline

Dr. Ashley Hampton is a business coach for professional women entrepreneurs focusing on business mindset and productivity.


Short/Mission Bio

Dr. Ashley Hampton helps successful women entrepreneurs improve their business mindset and productivity strategies to elevate their businesses without increasing the amount of hours worked and without sacrificing a healthy work-life balance.


Long/Speaking Bio

Dr. Ashley Hampton is a Business Coach for Professional Women Entrepreneurs focusing on Business Mindset and Productivity. In 2014, Dr. Hampton opened a solo private psychological practice, defying all of the rules in the field of psychology and generated six-figures in revenue in 12 months. Starting from scratch, she had no systems, no scheduling, and no routines in business, so she spent most of her time reacting to events instead of being proactive in planning the best use of her time.

After implementing systems and strategies and refining her business mindset, she has doubled her income without doubling the amount of hours she works. Simplifying and streamlining processes using cost-effective means has allowed her to increase revenue without sacrificing the time she spends traveling or the time she spends playing with her cat, Gemma, all while remaining a solopreneur.

Dr. Hampton works with successful professional women entrepreneurs to elevate their level of success by focusing on improving their business mindset and productivity. Her courses and coaching programs teach professional women entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses without sacrificing a healthy work-life balance.